What is Paperscreenplay?

Paperscreenplay is a periodic writing challenge, one which comes with a very simple concept: all selected scripts get a ‘review box‘ which summarises highlights and key production potential for all projects; as well as how well they measure up against/within our current challenge.

What is the writing challenge?

Nothing much… but a concept that the scripts being entered ‘fit’ a particular type. This is to ensure our team are judging scripts as a ‘block’ of a particular type and scale… I mean, shy of technique – how does one really compare a script set in space with one on a farm?

But, why Paperscreenplay?

We want to grow the event into a production arm. So, we have a dream here: establish a style for our competition, and ensure some of the writers we work with see their scripts pushed into production. Please note – this is a long-term dream, and for now we are just a script competition.
So, to start with, this is what we are doing: a categorised script competition – one which sees each nominated script reviewed and analysed by our judging team. To see a sample of this, please visit here.