This season’s 7 awards are:
Best Script
Best Character Arc
Best Genre Script
Best Concept
Best Technique
Bonus: Best Silent Script
Bonus: Best Produced Script

The Indoctrination Of Those Whom Are New To Earth
Nominated: Best Genre Script
“Bursting with great touches of comedy, this riff on the sci fi comedy genre, which comes loaded with philosophical touches, is quite fresh, and has the potential to be a really fun retro-forward project in the right hands.”

Ladyboy Blues
Nominated: Best Concept , Nominated: Best Script
“As a blend of thriller and romance, this project has a unique take on the Thai set locale – one we haven’t seen before. Giving it all a bit of a classy, almost Bond like feeling. The ending especially recalls The World is Not Enough.”

The Kettle

Nominated: Best Script

“Grama makes for one of the funniest interacting characters we’ve had! – this is a fun script. FUN!”

Time’s Exchange
Nominated: Best Concept
“Easy to pitch, it is clear this is a film that would be exciting and very marketable.”

Just Talk
Nominated: Best Script, Winner: Best Concept (tied)
“At its base – the film’s build up and delivery is quite bold and designed around a very strong and impactful message.”

Nominated: Best Genre Script, Winner: Best Concept (tied)
“Bursting with comedy, this modern day comedic romp takes a rather sudden turn into a dark delight. This is also a fantastic micro budget project, one which could be shot with great ease!”

The Balloon
Nominated: Best Silent Script
“Told with a lot of character awareness, heart and a sense of time, this moving grief set short reframes The Red Baloon classic and gives it a bit more gravity than the original French iteration.”

As Sure as the Earth Turns
Nominated: Best Character Arc
“With a strong awareness for the correct dialogue of these characters, As Sure as the Earth Turns comes loaded with a strong sense of authenticity, both in terms of the journey and experience of these men. The genre is also, perhaps, at times bold here – it is clear how this film could be marketed and understood by viewers, which is always a plus for investors.”

Star Children
Nominated: Best Genre Script
“Packed with interesting motifs, this script elevates the sub-genre of a children’s movie into something much more rich. Much like a Spielberg film, the world of children and how they relate to adults, and how they are placed within our world, is a key element to this script’s success as a family picture. Great stuff, and quite entertaining.”

A Woman’s Work
Nominated: Best Character Arc, Winner: Best Technique
“Recalling the traditions of the English melodrama, whilst also using a clear and distinct point of artistic reference, A Woman’s Work becomes a kind of theatrical set piece, one which uses a key ingredient of cinema: time. Though the film covers a short period of time, it highlights a great story a single individual can hold, and the journey life can take. This would also suit a great leading actress, one who can really reach deep into the setting and provide the milieu a strong sense of texture.”

Nominated: Best Concept, Nominated: Best Genre
“Bold, brash and loud – this script screams of production values and strong marketing potential. Audiences would relish an experience, and talk about it.”

The Cry of The Condor
Winner: Best Genre Script
“A pure delight! – the use of genre here, which interwebbes the child’s narrative with swashbuckling adventures just leaps off the page.”

Nominated: Best Script, Nominated: Best Technique
“Written with a familiar tight scripting that makes TV quite binge-worthy.”

The Looking Glass
Nominated: Best Character Arc
“Written with a lot of love for character, this script shines for its potential in terms of performance within a particular genre.”

Nominated: Best Character Arc
“It is hard to unsee Sausage Party. All films about food sort of get measured by this. However, the new adage of The Potato’s Journey is the unique use of characterisation. And that, unlike Sasuage Party, is charming here.”

Bearothic Dinner
Winner: Best Silent Script
“A delightful little event of a film – one which recalls the cinema of Jan Švankmajer.”

Judy’s search for God
Nominated: Best Script
“Note: Please note use of bold in this script – it is unusual.
This script carries many ideas, many moments and a lot of zangy personality – above all it is the dialogue that sort of pops off the page. With so much moving along, it is impressive to see the tone remain consistent and enjoyable.”

Winner: Best Script
“Poetic, unusual and visually striking, this script carries many ideas and feelings, and is confident when flexing these. It would make for a unique film, one which has potentially never been seen before.”

Prince of Chicago
Nominated: Best Technique
“Strong in terms of its presentation, this script understands its genre, how it is constructed and how the narrative should flow. There’s a lot of polished work in this script, though at times one sort of wishes it was a little less 1990’s in style – though this particular form of film is on the rise (i.e. the return of Michael Mann).”

Northern Winds
Nominated: Best Tecnhique
“A rich, dense piece with lots of detail and filming potential. This would be a mammoth treat for a strong Art Department and a visual-lead director.”

Walking With God
Nominated: Best Produced Script
“There’s an element of documentary in this which is splintered between observational and character lead. It is an interesting and personal approach to the content.”

Nominated: Best Character Arc
“Strong, and somewhat perfect for actors, this script has many challenging turns and a strong understanding of physicality. Extra kudos for its awareness of locale, and the impact it has on people’s lives.”

Turn of the Century
Winner: Best Character Arc
“Bringing together several different cultural points of reference, Turn of the Century is a Gothic and aptly written piece. Really great. With the right director, this could be a very impactful and moody film.”

Time, Space & the Poet – Part Two
Nominated: Best Genre Script
“The sci fi world of this project is very intriguing, and would be (with the right budget) quite exciting to see come to life.”

The Bearded Lady
Nominated: Best Genre Script
“Hitting home with a kind of retro-theme park feeling, The Bearded Lady would be a very charming indie film if it was made with a careful hand. The texture of this story is great, and evokes several drive-in genres.”