This season’s 8 awards are:

Best Script

Best Character Arc

Best Genre Script

Best Concept

Best Produced Script 

Best Technique

Bonus: Best TV Script 

Bonus: Best Short Film Script

Voodoo Valentinos

Winner: Best Concept

“Barking wild! This script carries a great sense of originality with its set up. Recalling a blend of subgenres, this project becomes entirely unique, whilst also becoming a retro-friendly love letter. We’d love to see this made!”


Nominated: Best Concept

“Written with what is best described as a keen eye for retro sci fi – this script is a great experience in terms of its potential for the screen. There’s much to love here, especially its unique voice for the genre’s less-seen sci-fi melodrama. This recalls a sense of ‘Footprints on the Moon’ from 1975, in a good way.”

After Greenham

Nominated: Best Character Arc

“Carrying an almost Virginia Woolf or E.M.Forster style of writing in terms of character arcs, this project is a great actor project… It also could be, with the right cinematographer, a carefully traditionally shot feature, with a John Ford / Clint Eastwood style towards its drama. It is a great minimalist study of people.” 


Nominated: Best Genre Script

“With a Lost in Space feeling, this script is a great energetic and elevated sci-fi piece which has the potential to capture audience’s attention through strong marketing ploys – however, one must warn, there is a touch of expense in pulling this one off in the indie scene.” 

Love. Without a Trace.

Winner: Best Character Arc

“Though we view this as a genre piece, this script is one of the more sophisticated character arcs, fitting in nicely with the current trend to have elevated adult-drama entertainment containing a splash of genre. This would be an art director’s delight, and a strong contender for actors’ to really sink their teeth into.” 

Sacred Sun

Nominated: Best Technique, Nominated: Best Genre Script

“Written with a bold flare for technique, and a keen eye for quality, this script carries a lot of class in terms of how it outlines its content and extends its world to the reader.” 

My Elvis

Nominated: Best Concept

“In the way of an Elvis craze, this concept alone is very marketable and audience grabbing. Streamers, even hosting indies, would see a steady audience for anything related to The King right now.” 

Zombies At Tiffany’s

Winner: Best Genre Script (tied) 

“Bursting off the page, this is one hilarious endeavour which… if shot correctly… would be sheer horror-com delight!” 

Marah From Eilat

Winner: Best Genre Script (tied)

“Conventional and slick, this genre script arrives fully loaded with some stunning Gothic setups. We believe this would do really well with distributors with the right production company behind it.” 

The Ikarius

Winner: Best TV Script

“As pilot episodes go, this one is a bombastic opening to a sci-fi show!” 

The Romantic Road

Nominated: Best Technique

“This script carries many ideas, many approaches and many angles… and it does so with great care and coherence. The technique in writing, above all, shines here.” 

The Call of Evil

Nominated: Best Genre Script

“Eerie, and disturbing, The Call of Evil has a Hammer style of horror going for it. That isn’t to say it is pastiche, but rather more of a Classical approach to the genre. We’d love to see this made with Christopher Lee, if he was still with us.” 

The Acquaintances

Nominated: Best Character Arc

“Minimalist, and very affordable for the indie film production, The Acquaintances

boasts a strong and interesting dilemma among characters who must come to terms with change beyond their control.” 

Guinness Punch

Nominated: Best Script

“Bold, and strongly designed with a great sense for detail and character, this script is a fantastic example of how textured and engaging films can be when a strong sense of story is placed in a good writer’s hands.” 

You Are My Oxygen

Nominated: Best Technique

“Written with an almost Ingmar Bergman style – this drama carries a sense of danger, the stakes of which are people’s lives and the impact they have on each other. This is also, due to its simplicity, one of the easier films to see produced in the indie landscape.” 


Nominated: Best Concept

“As concepts go, this one carries a certain filmic quality which enhances the film’s overall appeal. It is a pot-boiler, but one which inhabits change and time as a strong and interesting tool.” 

The Woman Called Thursday

Winner: Best Technique

“The script builds, with great architectural design, to a strong set piece, with a bold awareness of genre and audience expectations.”

Cave of Reckoning

Nominated: Best Short Film Script 

“Shy of the error on the title page, this script carries itself with a lot of class and wisdom, revealing itself as a memorable effort. It is the kind of short that, if shown at a film festival, audiences would recall after the event.”

The Colouring Book

Nominated: Best Character Arc

“With a strong arc for the lead male actor, this project has the potential to be a very exciting experience for this role. It also, largely through its conceptual design, drift into the subj-genre of psychological horror, which also could provide for an interesting sense of style if directed with this in mind.” 

Jinxy and Mr. B

Winner: Best Script 

“At its core, this is a very moving and engaging story about finding oneself in the sea of many versions of our lives which we experience – those public and private.” 

The Trouble with Superpowers

Nominated: Best Short Film Script 

“Bursting with personality, this script excels where most fail – film is supposed to be fun at times. And this is one very fun story!” 

Playing God’s Game

Nominated: Best Genre Script 

“Comical, enjoyable and memorable – it recalled a feeling of ‘The Brand New Testament’ (2015) for us.”


Winner: Best Produced Script 

“This stylish film, which features strong performances, is a great puzzle of words. Great delivery of a great set of monologues.” 


Nominated: Best Script

“Featuring a set of unique characters, who interplay with some unusual dynamics, this script boasts a set of scenarios which play out almost like a dreamy Wong Kar Wai project.” 


Nominated: Best Short Film Script 

“Not quite a feature, but bursting with great character and detail, this short film is a slice of culture that arrives fully formed and rich for many departments in a film production to really get excited about.”