This season’s awards are:

  • Best Script
  • Best Character Arc
  • Best Genre Script
  • Best Concept
  • Best Technique
  • Bonus: Best Super Short Script
  • Special Mention

Jacob’s Pass

Nominated: Best Technique 

“With a comical splash, Jacob’s Pass is written with a classy style that maintains solid technique and awareness for neo-genre routines.” 

The Apple

Winner: Best Character Arc, Nominated: Best Script

“Written with a great understanding for emotional depths and character development, The Apple (i.e. La Pomme) is a delightful piece centred on individual experiences. This would make for a great film.” 


Nominated: Best Genre Script

“Shunyata boasts great genre elements – with set pieces and the presence of the ‘dangers of technology’ motif. It would be an expensive script, but memorable and visually demanding.”


Winner: Best Concept

“With a concept like this, it would be hard to go wrong. It is a neo noir, and full of flashy moments that would be exciting for viewers to experience on the screen.” 

Sleeps Like the Dead

Nominated: Best Genre Script 

“Careful not to give the mystery away too early, this eerie script recalls a few Stephen King short stories… It is interesting and engaging with its characterisations and strong dialogue, which often recall the ‘talkie’ horrors of the 1940’s.” 


Nominated: Best Character Arc, Nominated: Best Technique

“Dealing with multiple generational issues, largely explored through the interactions between people, ‘Digger’ asks a great number of ethical and theoretical questions, and navigates this terrain with some interesting and poetic moments. Moving is perhaps the best word to describe this script.” 

Killing Myself for Someone Else

Nominated: Best Super Short Script, Nominated: Best Genre Script

“Playful, energetic and fantastical… Killing would make a showstopper short film with the right cinematography and flashy art design.”

Belly Issues

Nominated: Best Concept, Nominated: Best Script

“Portraying a blend of genres in a well designed set-up, this script delivers a fun and punchy narrative built around issues we can (or at least should) all relate to.” 

The Funhouse Slasher Vol 1. Murder Camp

Nominated: Best Genre Script

“Delivered with similarities to the Final Destination franchise, Funhouse explores many subsets of the horror genre tropes in a playful fashion.” 

Brush Stroke Love

Winner: Best Genre Script 

“Written with a great eye for contemporary style, Parker’s style hones in on the passion we all feel towards the past, while carefully engaging with the bizarre ideas of how the past doesn’t always shape the future. This recalls a touch of Diablo Cody’s writing, in a good way.” 

Liz Goes Home

Nominated: Best Concept

“In the wake of the pandemic, we have entered a new era of reflection. This script untangles some of the complexities around these issues, recalling perhaps the most scary part of it all: misinformation.” 


Nominated: Best Technique, Nominated: Best Script, Nominated: Best Genre Script 

“Bursting with a great ensemble, a strong awareness for entertainment value and sub-genres of comedy and the ‘buddy’ film, this script bursts with ideas and pleasures. Someone ought to shoot it. Actors will love it.”

Time, Space, & The Poet – Part One

Winner: Special Mention – Redrafts

“Having returned multiple times, Turner has shown the dedication and craft around redrafting a script.”


Nominated: Best Concept

“Recalling a sort of Dexter style of narrative, Invigilation is a great thrilling script.” 

Ban the Bullet 

Nominated: Best Script 

“Presenting an important message, Ban the Bullet continues where Bowling for Columbine started. It is a strong and direct message.”


Nominated: Best Technique

“With interesting images, this would make for a great short film with the right Art Director and set designer.” 

Dream Studio in Madagascar

Nominated: Best Genre Script 

“Charming, and although it is written in a strange fashion – this is one great script and could be a really moving film.” 


Winner: Best Script 

“Detailed and written with strong awareness for the film industry market, Boardgames boasts a lavish ensemble and strong potential for some serious acting.” 

Till I’m Old & Gray

Nominated: Best Script

“Much like Greg Araki’s Splendor, this project pitches the poly relationship as a source of romance. It is unusual, especially in our submissions, and appreciated for its classy delivery of this subject.” 

El Male 

Nominated: Best Character Arc

“A moving story told with minimalist detail, largely highlighting the poignant and moving details of a single survivor from of the Holocaust.” 


Winner: Best Super Short Script

“Within moments, this script pumps a great heap of ideas. It is speedy and punchy.” 


Winner: Best Technique

“With time as a narrative device, Side Effects finds the beauty in ephemeral moments, and how connections can help shape a person’s life.”